D.O.Ca. RIOJA , Alavesa 

Bodega Faustino

International renown


Located in Oyón, Rioja Alavesa, enjoys international renown earned over more than 150 years of experience in the production and ageing of premium wines. 

Crossing the doors of Bodegas Faustino is like stepping right into the history of wine. It is an unforgettable experience in a winery with the most extensive worldwide recognition.

It is losing oneself in an immense barrel hall or in the spectacular bottle ageing cellars. It is discovering a great winery where more than nine million bottles are resting. 

It is sharing the passion of a family for the land and a respect for a centuries-old tradition in creating wines. 

It is discovering the essence of Rioja´s leading exporter of Gran Reservas

Faustino 一世75週年紀念紅酒是 Faustino Group 的釀酒師團隊在其莊主 Don Julio Faustino 75歲生日獻上的一份禮物。 Don Julio Faustino 擁有忍耐、堅韌、智慧、經驗、激情、毅力的精神。感謝和認可他所傳授的教育、建議和專業知識帶領 Faustino Group 獲得國際公認的葡萄釀酒團隊。

很榮幸的能釀製這瓶Faustino一世75週年紀念紅酒。謝謝您,Don Julio Faustino。

Gran Reserva

「Gran Reserva」在西班牙葡萄酒中是特級珍藏的意思,西班牙酒分級制度中屬於最高等級。用來釀造 Gran Reserva 等級葡萄酒的葡萄果實必須完美熟成,所釀造出來的葡萄酒才能經得起長時間在橡木桶 (2年) 及酒瓶 (3年) 內陳年淬鍊。因此,Gran Reserva 等級的紅酒有著紅寶石的色澤,果香豐富多層次、酸度適中及口感柔美細緻,只有在極好年份才會釀造生產。

Faustino I Gran Reserva 75 Anniversary

Red Gran Reserva Tempranillo
“ Minimum 25 months in American and French oak barrels ”

Faustino Vll
Faustino Reserva
Faustino Crianza

Faustino Vll Red Wine

Red Crianza Tempranillo
“ Minimum 6 months in American oak barrels. “

Faustino Crianza Red Wine

Red Crianza Tempranillo
“ Minimum 12 months in American oak barrels. “

Faustino V Reserva

Red Reserva Tempranillo and Mazuelo
“ Minimum 18 months in American oak barrels “






Clean, bright, pale yellow colour and gold rim. Fine bubble. On the nose is warm and fruity, white fruit and apple hints standout; floral notes and honey touch. Sweet, pleasant and balanced. Long finish.
Cold meats or duck. Nice with baked patatoes and mushrooms. It matches with salted fish and seafood, caviar and cava is an excellent mix. Strong flavoured cheese. Meat and fish in general.

CAVA Burt Reserva

Faustino Cava Brut Reserva 佛絲汀那頂級卡瓦氣泡酒


CAVA Extra Seco

CAVA Semi Seco

Faustino Cava Semiseco shadow1